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Too Sick to Insure?

Thousands of people hope to jet off to sunny weather this Summer will run into difficulties trying to arrange basic travel insurance. This is because they have a serious illness, such as Cancer. Advances in treatment mean that more and more people now recover from such conditions, as many in our group will testify.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies tend to take a more pessimistic view, and will either refuse cover or load premiums significantly for those who have had medical problems in the past. In some cases, this can present holiday makers with the choice of cancelling their trip or risk travelling without insurance, leaving them out of pocket should disaster strike.

Rochelle Turner, head of research for Which Magazine? says that “The insurance industry has failed to keep pace with medical developments, which have enabled many patients to recover and lead a normal life. In fact, once a problem like cancer appears on your medical history you can effectively be blacklisted by some insurers. Many companies don’t understand these ailments, or take the worst-case scenario when calculating premiums”, she adds.

But the good news is that those affected by such serious conditions can seek cover from a growing number of specialist insures that provide comprehensive cover at affordable prices.

Don’t just ring one specialist, as ever it pays to shop around as quotes can vary substantially. Also for those that have been clear for about five years or more should try to get cover from a mainstream insurer with no extra loading, as this will typically be cheaper.

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