Help with Fundraising

There are many ways you can help with our fundraising efforts. As an individual, you can make a real difference by raising money for our charity. Every penny counts, so make the most of your fundraising.

If you get involved you will have fun while helping the group raise the funds it needs.

Contact Chris Curtis on 01253 428 940 if you wish to get more information.

PayPal Donations

We are Using PayPal as our Donations System. If you have a PayPal Account you can Donate to us via 2 Simple Clicks, If you havent got a PayPal Account you can pay via Debit or Credit Card.

You can feel at ease when Donating to the Swallows because PayPal Allows a Secure & Safe Transaction. To Donate Click The Donate Button Below.

JustGiving Donations

You can also donate using JustGiving. Click on the button below to go to the JustGiving Website.

Donate to The Swallows by clicking this button. fundraising-fb