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New Patient & Carers Book 2016 – Launched in November

Written by PatientsSupport The Fight & Carers for Patient & Carers

The Swallows is a charity that supports Head & Neck Cancer patients, their families and carers through all stages of their cancer journey. It was founded by like-minded people with direct experience of this journey.

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  • Affected by cancer in Blackpool, Fylde or Wyre? Want to make sure your experience of cancer can
    help make things better for others?
  • A chat over your favourite cuppa with one of the Macmillan Cancer team could make all the difference.

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Syd picturesRemember when you were young; you shone like the sun. Now there’s a look in your eye like black holes in the sky. CANCER!

In April 2012 the clinical nurse handed me the DS 1500 form so my benefits could be doled out immediately. My bulging eyeballs focused on the words TERMINAL ILLNESS before glancing back at the nurse. I whispered, “This means I’m gonna die.”

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